Frank Bowell on flagstaff hypnosis

“I wanted to share about my experiences with Craig Meriwether and Arizona Integrative Hypnotherapy. I’ve seen Craig a number of times for a variety of issues, and each time I have walked away feeling that there has been an improvement in my presenting symptoms. Craig is professional, kind, considerate, and experienced, and I recommend his company to anyone seeking the use of hypnotherapy in their lives.”

There is a great saying I really love:

You don’t choose between a program and no program.
You choose between a conscious program and an unconscious program.

If you’re not consciously working your program,
You’re being worked by your unconscious program.

The thoughts that consistently run through your psyche and the emotional state you find yourself in over and over again is training your mind and body. You are programming your brain to turn the thoughts and feelings you are having on a weekly or even daily basis into automatic mental and physical habits, even if these thoughts and emotions are unintentional.  

The reason flagstaff hypnotherapy works so well with fears, stress and anxiety is that the main foundation of flagstaff hypnosis is moving the body and mind into deep, natural relaxation.

By moving the body and mind into the relaxation response (parasympathetic nervous system) -where the body and mind are in balance and homeostasis, and where the body should be 90% of the time – by moving into the relaxation response the body and mind move out of the stress response (sympathetic nervous system) where it should only be about 10% of the time when your safety and survival are truly threatened. By moving into the relaxation response the body and mind can start the healing process and you can “reprogram” limiting beliefs, fears and anxiety.  

And, again, practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes permanent, and what you make permanent becomes your subconscious programming.

However, hypnotherapy doesn’t give you control over anything you’ve never had control over.

Hypnotherapy simply gives you a way of accessing what you’ve always had control over and never took the time to access or train. You’ve always had the ability to access your subconscious mind, to take responsibility for your emotions, actions and beliefs, but you’ve never had the training to do it.


Flagstaff Hypnotherapy is one of the fastest growing fields that facilitates and promotes human change, improvement, and achievement, allowing people to reach their full potential.

“Whether you are trying to overcome an old problem, habit, or behavior or simply want to grow to a new level of personal achievement (such as improving your academic or athletic performance), hypnotherapy can very possibly help when all else has failed.”

Jane E. Brody reporting for The New York Times


“75% of clinical and experimental participants with varying types of pain obtained substantial pain relief with hypnotherapy.”

American Psychological Association